Happy Birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my daughter! Since it is her b-day I thought I would post her birth story.

On September 3, I woke up to contractions at 4:30am. I drank some water, used the restroom and walked around the house. I didn’t want to wake up hubby yet as I wasn’t really thinking this was it. After, recording the contractions at coming every 5 mins and lasting for around 30 secs, I decided to go take a shower and see if that would help the back pains that I was feeling and perhaps make what I thought were Braxton Hicks contractions go away. After getting out, the contractions were still coming constantly so I woke Hubby up and told him he should call the midwife since it seemed like this might be it. It was around 5:30am by this point.

We called the midwife and she reminded us that labor lasted very long and this was only the beginning so try to get some rest. I said okay and tried sleeping on the couch and in bed, but it just wasn’t working, the contractions were starting to come closer together and stronger. When I realized that laying down wasn’t going to work, I sat on the birthing ball for some time until that no longer felt comfortable and then tried sitting on the toilet. The toilet worked great. Hubby was making sure I was drinking plenty of fluids, giving me words of encouragement, massaging my back (which was killing me), and timing the contractions. At around 6:40am, the contractions were around 2 mins apart and lasting 1 min long. Hubby called the midwife again and tried to get her to come, but she was still saying labor lasts for a long time and this was just the beginning. He was starting to get a little upset since she wouldn’t believe him that things looked like they were going fast than normal.

At around 7:45am, sitting on the toilet no longer felt comfortable so I went into the shower and let hot water just run over my back while I stood against the shower wall. A little bit after being in the shower, I recall having the desire to push. It wasn’t so much a desire as my body just seemed to do it if I liked it or not. Hubby noted that it was around 8am. All I can remember about this time was my body hurting, Hubby forcing the straw into my mouth and telling me to drink, Hubby trying to rub my back but I told him not to since it only felt worse and Hubby asking me questions but I couldn’t answer him as the contractions just came closer together and hurt more. Hubby called the midwife and again tried to get her to come. She asked to speak with me and somehow I managed to speak with her for a few seconds between contractions. I really don’t remember the conversation, but she finally agreed with Hubby that it was time she and the birth assistant came to the house, by now it was around 8:20am.

At around 8:50am, we were starting to lose hot water in the shower so Hubby suggested that I walk over to the bedroom. It is only around 10 steps from the bathroom to the bedroom, but it seemed like I was walking miles and I would never make it to the room. I would take a step then have to stop and lean on Hubby as the contractions and the desire to push were getting stronger and stronger. I kept telling Hubby I couldn’t walk to the room, but he kept encouraging me that I could do it and I was almost there. I finally got to the bed and when I looked at the bed knew there was no way I was going to get on top of it so I just stood and leaned on the bedpost. I tried to squat thinking that might help with the pain and I told Hubby it felt like her head was right “there.” He looked and very surprisingly said he saw the head. I told him to lay some of the plastic mats down to protect the carpet. After a min or so, I then told Hubby to get ready as the baby was coming. No sooner did he come to me that Edith entered the world at 9:25am. Hubby handed her to me and she was perfect. Hubby called the midwife and told them that Edith was born.

The midwife finally came around 15 mins after the birth and found us sitting on the floor and doing fine. After two or three pushes, the placenta came out and then they had Hubby cut the cord. I finally was helped into the bed and they began to check Edith and myself. Edith was fine, but I did have a small tear. They sewed up the tear and then wanted me to try to use the restroom. As I sat up in bed, I got very lightheaded and dizzy. They told me to lay back down and they gave me something to eat and more to drink. After another 15 mins or so, I tried to get up again and this time wasn’t so dizzy. I walked to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. The student midwife was at the sink and I remember telling her, I felt dizzy and then my hearing slowly went silent. The next thing I remember I was laying on the floor in the bathroom. Apparently, I passed out for a few mins and the midwife were trying to get me to wake up. Hubby nervously helped the midwife get me to the floor in the bathroom and worried that something bad had happen. Luckily, I did wake up and after lying on the bathroom floor for some time, crawled back to the bed and felt much better. The midwifes stayed until 1pm or so and then left our new little family. For the next few hours, I couldn’t sleep and just looked at the little baby that was just born and recalled all that happened. It was all truly amazing and I will forever be thankful to God for the wonderful birth of our daughter, Edith Jane.


  1. Wow, that was an amazing story! I can't believe it's been two years though. Time is flying.
    We miss you!

  2. I love hearing that story, my brave sis!! (Although it still freaks me out a bit...) You were an awesome mom even before Edith was born. :-)

  3. I still laugh at myself remembering to lay pads down on the floor so I wouldn't get the carpet dirty.


  4. hahahaha! That is sooo you! :-)

  5. Wow. Did your midwife respond a little better with the other birth? I sure hope so!

  6. Nicki,

    We actually went with another midwife the second time around. We LOVED our new midwife for Baby #2 and she is again our midwife for Baby #3.