Ike's birth story

I figure I should finally write out Ike's birth story before Baby Joan comes and I get the stories mixed up. I really wish I wrote this earlier because I can't remember the beginning of the story. I actually had to look at my FB account to see if it would remind me of what happened the day he was born and it didn't really help so here is the story or as much as I can remember.

2:30am - We call the midwife and she is on her way.

I recall trying to sleep, contractions, walking, squatting and trying to get Ike to actually come out. At some point, he feels like he is "right there" and I try to push, but nothing happened so went back to walking and squatting.

I go into the shower to relieve some of the back pain and after some time I take my position by the edge of the bed and try to push Ike out. I recall pushing and pushing and yet it seeming like nothing is happening.

Finally, the midwife starts to see things and tells me to keep pushing. I push, push, push and still he doesn't come out. At this point, I am tired of pushing and feel like I can't go on any more. I say something to the effect "I can't do this anymore" and the midwife tells me "Elena, you have to...push!" I gather all the strength I have left and push more. Finally his head comes out, but the rest of him is stuck. I keep pushing, but he isn't coming all the way out. The midwife yells at Hubby to call 911 while she puts her fingers up there to hook his shoulder and pull him out.

She hears a pop and out he comes. She starts telling us to talk to him while she makes sure he is okay and confirm she didn't hurt his shoulder in anyway. Once she sees he is fine she hands me the chubbiest baby I ever had 9 lbs 12 oz and 21 1/4 inches long. We never did figure out what the pop noise came from since he and I were both fine. However, I did realize a few weeks later that I chipped one of my back molars. Apparently, I must have been clutching my jaw a lot..haha! Hubby says next time he is going to give me a belt to bite down on.

Oh and we never actually called 911 since my Hubby was running around trying to locate the phone only to have it sitting right next him at the table. By the time he actually realized the phone was there Ike was out and doing fine. That goes and tells you how fast things happen and yet they seem like an eternity when they are actually happening.

Ike is now slightly over a year old and a happy little guy. He just started walking around and getting into all kinds of mischief. He is loved by all his siblings and I am sure will make a great big brother to Baby Joan.


  1. Almost 10 lbs! I forgot about that. You are a trooper, Elena! But I could not stop laughing at Vinnie's comment about getting you a belt. I can totally picture him saying that. LOL. Love you guys! :-)

    1. Let's see how big Joan will beat Ike in weight...I hope not! Haha!