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Hubby has been having a stressful time with work and decided to take a day off. Of course this was the day that I made myself a large to-do list and was all set to get it done. He told me and I could hear that little jealous voice whispering into my ear..."wow, it must me nice to just take a day off."

Now I was faced with the decision...I could let the Evil One into my heart, feed the jealousy and resentment, get angry and slowly ruin the day OR I could see that my husband works hard for this family, see that he has been stressed out, give him a shoulder massage and thank him for all that he does. 

Sadly all too often I choice the former. I let the Evil One talk me into playing the martyr and look at all I do rather than notice all that my Hubby does. 

This time I didn't let the Evil One in. I didn't play the martyr. I didn't look at myself, but rather I look at my Hubby and saw the tiredness in his eyes and the cross of providing for a family on his shoulders. I put aside my to-do list and suggested we go take the kids out for a field trip. 

We had a lovely time and a break that we all needed. 

I don't tell you this to say "look how great I am", but to tell you when you want to start playing the martyr with your Hubby, STOP. Just stop. It isn't doing anyone any good. 

When the thought "Hubby has a nice 9 to 5 job and I have to be on call to all these little ones all day, every day" starts to enter your mind...tell the Evil One to depart from you because he is the one who is whispering it into your ear.

When the thought "Hubby has it way easier than I do since I have to do XYZ" starts to enter your mind...tell the Evil One to depart from you because he is the one who is whispering it into your ear. 

When your Hubby starts telling you about the rotten day he has, don't respond with "well, you think that is bad, I had to do XYZ." It isn't a competition. Listen, sympathize, and give him a hug.

Your Hubby and you are on the same team. The Evil One will try to make you forget that. The Evil One will try to make you think that it is Husband vs Wife. The Evil One will continue to whisper in your ear so you slowly chip away at your marriage without even realizing it. Don't let him. Tell him to depart from you and say a prayer.

What is the one thing that you can do for your marriage today? Don't play the martyr. It doesn't help you grow in Christ and it doesn't help your marriage. 

By the way, when we got back from the museum the to-do list was still there, the world didn't implode and a very grateful Hubby put the kids to bed that night without me asking so really it was a win-win. 


  1. You are my hero. I'm being serious. And thanks for inspiring me to greater love.

  2. I could not stop laughing as I read this because the evil one was doing the same number on me. It's funny that we both wrote about it back to back. You are right, great minds think alike. LOL. Seriously, good job. We both have the same feisty genes. ;-)