A Little House on the Prairie Party

We had a joint party for Frank and Greta at the beginning of the month and they wanted a Little House on the Prairie themed party. You can find my Pinterest board of all the ideas I found here.  

For invitations, I found an image doing a Google search and added the text. 

I don't normally have crafts for the kids, but this time decided to include some for those kids who wanted to make something. Thanks to Hubby who cut all the wood before hand and made samples of all the wooden toys. The kids were able to make Jacob's Ladders, Buzz Saws, Walking Blocks, decorate peg people, color pictures and decorate paper dolls. 

Ike agreed to dress like Almanzo from the cover of Farmer Boy. The hockey stick was supposed to be his ax. 

 Frank built a Jacob's Ladder. 

 My kids love playing with the peg people. 

It was in the upper 30's that day so there was plenty of hot cocoa for the kids. 

Now for what really important at a party...the food! Since it was so cold I went with a Potato Cheddar Soup and sliced ham for sandwiches. 

With the soup, I had toppings of shredded cheese, bacon bits, and fried potato skins. The potato skins were very easy to make. Edith peeled nine pounds of potatoes for the soup so I took those and fried them up in some butter. You could also fry them in the bacon grease, but I had some vegetarians coming so skipped that and just used butter. 

I also made Onion Pie which was really yummy. However, the bottom crust did get a little soggy the next day so it is best to eat that the day it is made. 

I didn't do much in the way of decorations. I used checked table clothes on the tables, put out our lanterns, a tool box of the kids, flowers in jars, and the Little House series books

For apps we had chips, popcorn, shelled peanuts and veggies. 

For dessert, I made brownies and someone brought cupcakes and someone else brought a super yummy fruit salad. 

My Farmer Boys.


He was very happy even if he did sleep through most of the party. 

That's his "I am mad at you because you won't give me the food on your plate" look. 

The kids after the party playing with toys and eating more food. 

Everything went well and a good time was had by all. 

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