Girl's Room Makeover

My goal before Baby L comes in March is to give the girl's and boy's room a little makeover. After 8 years they are in need of it. I started with the girl's room. 

Here are some before pictures. It was a very bright pink which didn't seem that bright when I originally painted it, but now seems really pink. 

The door on the left is the door to the hallway and the door to the right is the door to the shared bathroom with the boys. 

A bookcase that sort of became a holder for all the random things that didn't have a proper place. 

Their dresser. I really need to get another dresser for their room, but for now we are making it work. 

I took these pictures right before I started painting. Greta was helping me remove things from the beds and Keith was overseeing the progress. 

Now the after pictures. 

I still went with pink for the walls, but it is much lighter. I painted the triple bunks gray and went with a pink/gray theme throughout the room. 

I painted that white bookcase gray also and added the stripped bins to store pjs. Moving those out of the dresser gave us a little more room in the dresser for their everyday clothes. The closet keeps their church clothes on a top rack and their dress-up clothes on the bottom rack. Then they have some bins in there to store their dress-up accessories and doll things. 

I didn't do anything with the dresser since it is nice and seems like a shame to paint it. 

They are happy with the outcome and so am I. Now if I could just keep them from making it a mess, it would be perfect. 

*I probably should have picked a non-rainy cloudy day to take pictures of the room because the lighting in there is horrible, but oh well. 

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