About Us


What to know more about our little family...well, here you go!

I met my future husband online

and we married in 2007.

We bought some land in central VA to hopefully become self-sufficient. We haven't really achieved that yet, but we are still trying.

God has blessed us with seven kids.

Edith is 8 and in 3rd grade. She is super creative and has yet to find a craft she can't make with some paper and tape. She loves to talk, pretend, and draw. She is slightly obsessed with horses and dreams of owning her own horse one day.

Frank is 6 and in 1st grade. He loves hunting, dogs, anything army related and building thing. He likes to help mow the lawn, blow leaves and doing any work that requires a pitchfork. Most of the time you can find him in the woods cutting down trees or working on his lathe. He plans on getting a dog when he grows up.

Greta is 5 and is in kindergarten. She loves princesses, princes, and Minnie Mouse. She is the most coordinated in the family and enjoys riding her bike and using her bow and arrow. She would like to wear "a getting married dress" and marry a prince.

Harriet is 4 yet acts like she is 60. She likes to correct the kids behavior and telling them they are fooling around too much. She loves being read too and looks forward to learning how to read. Most of the time she is pretending to be Elsa from Frozen and turning everything to ice. She plans on being a queen one day.

Ike is 3 and a happy go lucky guy. He loves walking around with his tool belt and fixing things. He is built like a football player and we are waiting for the day he outweighs all of his older siblings. His favorite stuffed animal is Larry the Cucumber and a monkey. He plans on being a construction worker when he grows up.  

Our little Joan was with us for 42 weeks in my womb. She passed away on the day I went into active labor. She is our Saint in heaven and will always be loved and remembered. 

Keith is 1 and is a little on the serious side, but full of smiles for his siblings. 

Hubby is a software developer and in his spare times like to play with the kids, chop down trees and build things with the wood.

Last year he was able to attend the Woodwright's School in NC.

The kids were very excited about meeting Roy Underhill.

I like to read, plan parties, cook and organize things.

I like to wear camo

and I met Mary Poppins.

As a family we like to go to historical sites and museums.

The kids also like to play checkers and chess.

Thanks for stopping by and getting to know us better.