The Birth of Greta Anne

Now for the long awaited post...the birth of Greta Anne. Enjoy!


My midwife, Lori, called me on the evening of January 26th to see if anything was happening and to tell me she hoped the baby didn’t decide to come that night since she had 8 inches of snow and a layer of ice. I told her I hadn’t had any contractions that day so I didn’t think the baby was going to be coming any time soon. Little did I know the baby had other plans!

I had been getting light and far part contractions for days and after a couple of hours they would go away. So when I went to bed that night and again stated getting light contractions that were 15 minutes apart, I didn’t think anything of it. Hubby called Lori to let her know, but we didn’t think anything was really going to happen.

I had a dream that night that I was having contractions and everyone was being very mean to me and when I woke up from my dream, I realized that I was actually having contractions. When I started timing them they were 7-8 minutes apart so I woke up Hubby and told him to call the midwife since I thought this was it. The midwife said she would be on her way.

My midwife had at least a two hour drive so I wanted to make sure the baby didn’t come until then. I had gotten up to do a couple things, but whenever I got out of bed the contractions started coming harder and closer together so Hubby told me I had to stay in bed until the midwives came. At 8:15am the midwives arrived and now I was free to have the baby.

I chatted with the midwives and Hubby for some time while the contractions continued to come harder and closer together. After a little while I went into the shower to have the hot water on my back which was starting to hurt. While I was in the shower, I recall laughing with Hubby about something and starting to doubt the baby was coming now as it didn’t seem to hurt so much. We were starting to lose hot water in the shower so decided to get out of the shower and lean by the side of the bed.

After pushing for a few minutes, Hubby asked me “are you getting the desire to push?” I wanted to start laughing. What did he think I was doing? The midwife answered for me and told him I was pushing. Apparently, I am very calm and you can't tell I am pushing a baby out. After what seemed like a long time (it was only around five-ten minutes) the baby started to come out. The baby was completely out, but I didn’t hear her cry so I was slightly nervous. It was because she was still in amniotic sac. Once they broke open the bag I heard the baby give a hearty cry and Hubby announced we had another girl, Greta Anne born at 10:14am.

Greta is ready to party!

Honestly, she had to be my easiest delivery and recovery time. She is also proving to be my easiest baby, but then she is only 3.5 months old so she has plenty of time to prove me wrong. Greta was a little bit of a surprise since we weren’t “planning” on having another baby so soon after Frank but we can’t imagine life without her. She is deeply loved by all of us especially by her older sister and brother.

My happy little Greta!

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