Seven Quick Takes - 2017 Reading Challenge

Joining Modern Mrs. Darcy for her 2017 Reading Challenge
Also, joining Kelly for some Quick Takes

Last year was pretty much a failure for reading unless you count cookbooks and kid books. Reading starting off good, but slowly took a backseat to everything else that had to get done. It is sort of sad because I really do like reading. I remember when I used to live on my own and it wouldn't be rare to just hold up in my apartment for the weekend and devour a stack of books. Good times, good times! 

Well, I don't see that as happening any time in my future, but there are pockets of time that could sneak in some reading. Now that Keith is on a better sleep schedule and all the other kids are in bed by 8pm the evening will be more open to reading. We will see how that all changes once the baby comes, but that won't be for another couple of months so we will think about that then. 

Now there are two different reading challenges going Reading for Fun and Reading for Growth. I couldn't decide which one to do so I am just going to list both and mark off as I go along.

I am not reading the books in order of the list. I seriously have a huge stack of books on my nightstand that I need to get through and I know some of them will fall into the categories. 

Here is a sampling of books that are on my nightstand to be read this year.

The Divine Romance - Fulton J. Sheen
Leisure the Basis of Culture - Josef Pieper
Treasure in Clay - Fulton J. Sheen (Read before, but want to read again)
Defending Marriage - Anthony Esolen
Catholicism - Robert Barron
Cure Tooth Decay - Ramiel Nagel (Currently Reading)
Dead Wake, The Last Crossing of the Lusitania - Erik Larson (Started last year and just need to finish it.)
Beauty in the Word, Rethinking the Foundations of Education - Stratford Caldecott

Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves - PJ Wodehouse
The Secret Adversary - Agatha Christie
The Man Who was Thursday - G.K. Chesterton 
Ross Poldark - Winston Graham

As you can see the non-fiction way out numbers the fiction. I actually have around 20 more books once I finish with all these. All of which are non-fiction. I think I might need to get my hands on more fiction books. I do have a bunch of classic fiction books, but I have read them already and I tend to stay clear of modern fiction since the few I read made me want to pull my eyes out. I was always left with the feeling "wow, that was a part of my life I will never get back." If you have any recommendations that won't leave me with that feeling, please leave them in the comment section. 

Have a great weekend!!

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